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Fish (1 total)

Fish Fly Reel
Fish Fly Reel
One of the earlier dual mode designs, with direct drive and anti-reverse. Adjustable drag. RHW.
As new with x-tra spool.
The Herb Butler �Fish� fly reel has several unusual features. Most noticeable is the unbalanced crank set at the six o�clock position. The crank is located in this position because the reel is geared to a two to one retrieve. This handle also contains a drag assembly and click mechanism. Also unique to a fly reel of the period is that the reel was also intended to be used for trolling. It was common for fly reels of the late 1800s and early 1900s to be used in this fashion, but most 20th century reels were quite specialized.

The �Fish� reel housing is made from aluminum, and has nylon gearing. The crank side, or head plate is solid, with the foot, pillars, and tailplate ring permanently attached. The plate is 3� inches in diameter, and the spool is 1 inch wide. The headplate is brightly polished and gives the reel a very handsome look. You could have your name, or a personalized message, engraved on the faceplate for no cost. This polished headplate apparently was not appealing to all fishermen for the reel has also been found in a subtle blued finish.

The �Fish� reel crank, however, can hardly be called stylish. It is strictly utilitarian. The crank knob is aluminum and cone shaped. The reel would have had a more attractive appearance with a shaped knob made of plastic, or anodized aluminum.

The interior of the reel is quite simple, with the gears being the only moving parts, The drive gear is located on a stud cast into the inside of the faceplate. There is an extra stud cast for conversion to left hand use. The reel was not capable of conversion from right to left hand use, however, without changes in the handle assembly. An angler who preferred to reel with his left hand had to purchase a left hand retrieve reel from Butler for $5.00 additional cost.

The reel was sold with two spools, which were available in aluminum or nylon during different periods of production. The anodized black spool in the polished bright frame was quite attractive.

As mentioned previously, the heart of the reel was the crank. Under the cone shaped crank nut is a coil spring and two washers. One washer is made of thin neoprene, and is flat. The other is serrated on one side and made of metal. There are matching serrations milled into the crank handle. The drag is adjustable to any of four different types of drag settings, from very light to heavy, by placement of the washers. Complete instructions for these settings came in the reel brochure. Tightening the nut against the spring refined the adjustment within each washer setting.

A smaller cone shaped button is located alongside the crank nut. This one controls the click and anti-reverse. This button is attached to a spring laden pin that rides in a milled out portion of the face plate. When the crank is turned for the retrieve, the pin provides a slow click .. click, similar to that of the Pflueger Medalist, which was the aim of Butler according to his brochures. When reeled backward, the pin comes against the stops and provides an anti-reverse. This function can be deactivated by lifting the click button and giving it a quarter turn.

Herb Butler�s �Fish� reel came with one extra spool, and additional spools were available for $2.00 each. The spool would hold 50 yards of backing behind any fly line. The brochure stated that the reel would hold 100 yards of 18 pound test lead core line, and/or 300 yards of braided Dacron line, if you intended to use the reel for trolling.

An undated brochure lists the reel at $25.00 including shipping direct from the factory. A dealer price sheet dated January 3, 1979 states that �our planned retail price for the coming year is $30.00 for the Right Hand reel and $35.00 for the Left Hand version.� The reel was available to dealers for $20.00 with an order of ten reels; $15 each in quantities of 50; or $12.50 each if you ordered 100 reels.

Butler also offered his concept to other manufacturers, stating �other manufacturers may incorporate this designs and engineering advances in their product for a very nominal royalty. The royalty for copying the design and/or engineering is 2%. The royalty paid to Herb Butler Engineering will be used to improve fishing in those various parts of the country where the reels are sold�. Apparently this offer was not accepted by any other manufacturers, for we are unaware of any other reels of similar design.
$375.   DETAILS
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