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Thompson Vise Co.
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Trout Unlimited
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Turner & Co.
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Western States
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Willmarth, J.E.
Winston, R.L., Rod Co.
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Wright & McGill, Co.
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Wulff, Lee
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Yamashita, Yas
Young, David K.
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Zwirz, Glads
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American Masterpiece Fly Rod collection.
14 Bamboo Fly Rods
The finest collection of American Fly Rods and presently offered as a single unit of 14 rods.
Consisting of 14 rods:
A. 7' 6" Sam Carlson
B. 7' 1 piece Carmichael
C. 8012 Dickerson
D. 7' Eustis Edwards
E. 7' Edwards Quad
F. 8' Gene Edwards John Alden Knight Model
G. Garrison Nodeless
H. 6' Pinky Gillum
I. 8' Halstead
J. Hawes 7'9"
K. Leonard #36
L. 7'9" Payne
M. 7' F.E. Thomas Dirago Fairy
N. Paul Young Para 14
category: Rods      seller: American Sporting Collector
Complete set-1934 to present
Artist signed Federal Duck stamps
Complete set-1934 to present
Less than 10 of these sets known to exists.
The ultimate in Duck stamp collecting.
category: Duck Stamp Prints & Stamps      seller: American Sporting Collector
Complete set - All 50 states plus
Artist signed Initial State Duck Stamps
Complete set - All 50 states plus
All USA states have issued duck stamps. These sets are complete and no more will be added.
This set also adds the initial Canada and Long Island, NY duck stamps.
All stamps mint and as issued.
The initial MA stamp is not signed as Milton Weiler passed away just prior to issue.
$7250   DETAILS
category: Duck Stamp Prints & Stamps      seller: American Sporting Collector
Fall Trout Fishing
Abbett, Robert
Fall Trout Fishing
Published in an artist signed edition of 300 by Theodore Gordon Flyfishers in 1987.
Image size 17 1/4" x 26".
Framed to museum standards with curley maple molding.
$650   DETAILS
category: Prints      seller: American Sporting Collector
The Bridge Pool
Abbett, Robert
The Bridge Pool
Published 1981 by Trout Unlimited.
Scene is the Covered Bridge on the Little Beaverkill.
In original folio, with stamp and brass name plate as issued. Image size 14" x 21".
$500   DETAILS
category: Prints      seller: American Sporting Collector
Black Lab
Abbett, Robert
Black Lab
Published 1981.
As issued, in original folio.
Image size 12" x 15".
Includes stamp as shown.
Excellent condition.
$250   DETAILS
category: Prints      seller: American Sporting Collector
Split Shot Container
Abbey & Imbrie
Split Shot Container
A well design split shot container.
category: Fishing and Fly Fishing Accessories      seller: American Sporting Collector
Nipper- BlueIII
Nipper- BlueIII
• Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA
• Anodized aluminum body construction 

• Replaceable jaws - machined out of premium grade stainless steel, then heat treated to 58-60rc
• Saltwater resistant
• Engineered to Cut 7x - 100 lb mono and braid line.
• Available in all Abel Finishes
• 2 Year limited warranty on the jaws after initial purchase
• Standard Black - $ 50.00, Solid Finishes - $60.00

• Screws - 303 Stainless Steel
• Body - T-6061 T6 Aluminum
• Jaws - Crucible CPM S35VN
• Pin - 316 Stainless Steel
• Weight: .7 ounces
• Height: .420"
• Length: 1.800"
• Top Width: .710"
• Bottom Width: .560"
category: Fishing and Fly Fishing Accessories      seller: American Sporting Collector
The lanyard cord is paracord, a lightweight Nylon™ rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes. It is now used as a general purpose utility cord by both military personnel and civilians including various space missions. Bottom line: It will not break!

The swivel is a Sampo™ patented ball bearing stainless steel with a welded ring for attaching the Nipper. The swivel and welded ring are finished in a non-glare stealth black.

The slider and cord connector are Abel machined aluminum with stainless steel set screws. Clear anodized.

Unlike twisted or woven lanyard cords, the AbeLanyard Cord is highly supple, virtually unbreakable and a joy to wear in every fishing condition. With an AbeLanyard, your Abel Nipper will be right where you need it – at your fingertips.
category: Fishing and Fly Fishing Accessories      seller: American Sporting Collector
Hybird Hemostat
Hybird Hemostat
Abel is – and has always been – at the forefront of innovation and design in the flyfishing industry. The new hemostats are another perfect example of their ingenuity. Unlike the standard hemostats that automatically lock the instant you close them, the new Abel Hybrid Hemostats feature a unique locking mechanism that only engages when you want it to. It utilizes a precision thumb lock on the top of the handle. Old fashioned “classic” hemostats can then be anything but simple to unlock – especially with cold, wet fingers while holding a slippery fish. But with the Hybrid Hemostat, it’s as easy as pulling a trigger to release the locking mechanism. A quick squeeze of the ergonomically designed handles or sliding back the sleek thumb lock is all that’s needed to unlock the jaws.
The stainless steel jaws are not only designed for easy hook removal, but also pinching down even the tiniest of hook barbs – perfect for those who enjoy safely releasing a fish as much as catching it. These jaws are not only replaceable, but guaranteed for life. Try a pair – it is the hemostat redefined.
Ergonomic grip fits any hand
Innovative locking mechanism makes for easier hook removal
Available in any custom finish
Made in USA with Lifetime warranty
Top Handle: 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum
Bottom Handle: 17-4 ph stainless steel
Locking Mechanism: 316 I stainless steel
Replaceable Jaws: 17-4 ph stainless steel
Weight: 1.2 ounces
Length: 5.600”

category: Fishing and Fly Fishing Accessories      seller: American Sporting Collector
1988 Fly Reel Catalog
1988 Fly Reel Catalog
Maker of Fly Reels.
Camarillo, CA.
category: Catalogs      seller: American Sporting Collector
Rim Control, Black vent spool. Ported frame. X-tra standard Super 8 spool. 8.1 oz. Single pawl.
Black Abel case.
category: Reels      seller: American Sporting Collector
Money Clip - American Flag
Money Clip - American Flag
Abel introduces the M-Clip money clip to the Abel line of products. Abel has teamed up with M-Clip to bring a line of products to the industry that offers our exclusive hand painted designs on one of the most unique and functional accessories you will ever see. The M-Clip is a multi-patented, American made product designed to hold cash and credit cards more securely and with less bulk than any other money clip or wallet on the market.
All solid finish clips come standard with your choice of a fish engraving. View Fish Engravings
Also available in 7 different hand painted versions - Tarpon, Redfish, Dorado, Brown Trout, Leopard Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout and Army Camo.
Lifetime Guaranteed to never lose spring tension or stretch open.
Holds approx. 10 bills AND 5 credit cards.
Made in the USA.

category: Fishing and Fly Fishing Accessories      seller: American Sporting Collector
A give away when Abel was getting into flies.
category: Flies      seller: American Sporting Collector
Lube Kit
Lube Kit
The handy kit from Abel contains three precision-machined color-coded anodized aluminum vials that hold: lite reel and gun oil for all temperature applications, Neat's foo oil for gaskets and seals; cork, leather and other fibers, high and low temperature all-purpose grease for heavy duty lubrication applications including ball and plain bearings, shafts and springs Plus.....cloth for wiping excess oil and a nylon abrasive pad for rust removal. Handy kit to have with you on the boat or stream!
category: Fishing and Fly Fishing Accessories      seller: American Sporting Collector
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