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Wednesday, 07/18/2018  updated 6:00 EDST

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God Bless America

Fox Den previous editions


Sullivan county office. Sporting Spirit now has a April-Oct. office/showroom in Tusten, NY. 10 minutes from the Delaware river in Narrowsburg. Open 2 days a week and available by appointment.
A pond is right in front, so rod testing is convienent.

Since a critical illness awhile ago, we've been affected with great memory lapses. Many items of inventory cannot be located. Please order as usual but wait for conformation of delivery.

Spey Flies A basic primer on this great style, with extensive tying instructions.

  Streaming Media 

Great Streaming video for those with DSL or better reception.
QuickTime Player needed. Available here free.

Fly Fishing:
John Pytka's Spey Fishing on the PM, with Walt Grau.
John Pytka's Penn's Creek.
Flies from a Fishes Prospective-you can conjecture all you want, but each picture is worth a 1,000 words.
Dry Fly Steelhead.
A first- Chinook taking a Fly.
Fly Curvature - How important is it?
Brown Trout Trico Rising- from underwater.
Brown Trout Feedin' on Tricos-A great underwater sequence.
Tricos- study of trico fishing .

Morning after - What's left over after a June evening .
Underwater Sequence from the Salmon River taken by Fran Verdoliva and NYS DEC.
Doughnut after Steelhead, age 11.
A great shot of a Steelhead taking a fly. Pay attention and you'll see the white of his mouth on the take.
Big Trout
A Massive Dorothea Spinner Fall.
Outing to Elk Creek, PA at the Pytkas.
Back to Back-Landing a nice Steelhead & Brown within 10 minutes.
Gene's Fly Box Gene Anderegg, great angler, founding President of FFF, his trout box tied by Elsie Darbee.
Charlie Krom, the master wet flies tyer's Chinook Fly Box.
Some Ugly Chinook Salmon.
Ed Migdowski, Mr. Yale Outdoor Education.
Initial Advantures with an underwater camera.
Every Salt Water Angler should experience this- by Bob Woolley

Brainwaves Flyback. An early sales video for a neat product.
How to Service an Edward Vom Hofe Fly Reel.
A nice old light Montague 7'6", about $20. in it's heyday.
Orvis Deluxe 7'6" HDH 2 7/8 oz. A nice Classic Orvis
South Bend 7'6"

C. Pain Bamboo Fly Rod, Made in China
Fox Sterlingworth-20 gauge Skeet Ejector Grade
Nor Vise - the only fly tying vise that can actually spin on dubbing, and is by far the fastest. We've known Norm and his sporting spirit for many years and the Nor is one of our favorites.
Ron Kusse, Bamboo Rod Maker-one of the premire American Rod Builders-Long 54 minutes.

Tom Hoving discusses fine art frauds.
Vintagers - great shotgun show, where the participants have the most fun.

  Fly Tying 


Salmon River, NY. High water, low timps, makes tough fishing. (4/6)

West.-Put county, NY . Spring is springing but action slow with high water. (4/6)

Catskill rivers. Slow, slow with high water. (4/6)

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